December 1, 2016

Medical Aid Quiz


Test your knowledge of medical aids with this quick test – simple Yes or No answers please…

  1. Are you currently finding yourself with an SPG which have increased during the year because you did not use a DSP for your PMB condition?
  2. Have you exceeded your threshold and started claiming from your ATB, only to find that your SR is lower than the rate your doctor charges, and that the sub-limits on your unlimited option mean that you still have to pay out of your pocket for your medical expenses?
  3. Are you left wondering why your member guide says you have unlimited cover for major medical expenses at 100% of your scheme’s rate (which any reasonable person would assume to mean everything in hospital should be paid for), but you still end up paying a small fortune to Specialists after being discharged?
  4. Do you regularly find yourself having to fork out your hard-earned money to cover the co-payments on your chronic medication which, according to your interpretation of PMB’s, should be covered in full, but suddenly isn’t because your doctor did not prescribe medication which falls within your scheme’s formulary? And what on earth is a formulary, in any case?
  5. Are you paying for a Loyalty Programme which was supposed to give you discounts on round-the- world cruises, free movies for the entire family, and gym membership where the gym would end up paying you to exercise? And how did that work out for you?

Thank you for taking the time to complete our quiz. If you understood at least 3 of the 5 questions asked, please forward your CV to our HR Manager. However, if you, like the majority of South Africans attempting this quiz, now have a blinding headache and raised blood pressure comment and tell us!

At Omega Wealth, we are experts at deciphering medical aid jargon, and will be happy to show off our years of knowledge and explain your medical aid and its benefits to you – and advise you on whether you are on the right option to suit your needs!